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Being a Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak

It’s hard to imagine a time when more people were confused about the value of human life than today. With one breath, some will call for compassion for those in need. With the next, they protect the deaths of millions of babies. Their opinion changes as they see fit....

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The History of BCHFS

This is the history of Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services. Hear stories of our clients’ success and the blessings God has bestowed upon our mission.

Chris’ Testimony

Growing up, Chris compartmentalized his feelings. He lived his life this way. While this strategy allowed him to get through each day, he was not fulfilled. Hear how his faith and BCHFS helped him through a life challenge.

Crystal’s Testimony

At just 15 years old, Crystal was struggling. She found refuge from her pain at BCHFS. Today she’s a house parent for the organization. This is her story.

Josh and Tammy’s Testimony

Josh and Tammy came to Angel’s Cove to adopt a child. Two years after getting involved with BCHFS, they met their daughter. Watch their story.

Candy’s Testimony

Candy was removed from an abusive home and placed in a loving, Christian home. At the time, she was devastated and heartbroken. The relationship she gained with the Lord helped her replace all she lost. This is her story of forgiveness.

Angel’s Cove – Helping Mothers Overcome Barriers

Angel’s Cove helps young mothers overcome a multitude of barriers in their lives. Why should you support this program? Dora explains.

Helping Children Overcome Obstacles

The children and teens here at BCHFS are the creation of our God. These children are facing situations that require help from our community. Linda explains.

Gospel-Centered Counseling at Pathways

Many of our clients struggle with mental health, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, loneliness, and shame. One of the most important things we offer is gospel-centered counseling. Michelle introduces this program.