BCHFS Board Approves Plans for Pregnancy Resource Clinic

BCHFS Board Approves Plans for Pregnancy Resource Clinic

The Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services Board of Trustees voted to approve the plans to add an additional ministry to its organization at the October board meeting.

A new pregnancy resource clinic will be located in Mt. Vernon, IL and will be a source of information and help to those who find themselves dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. The clinic will offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD testing, mentoring for expecting mothers and fathers and resources to empower individuals during this complicated time. Our pregnancy tests can confirm a positive test so prenatal care can begin early in pregnancy. There will be no charge for this test. By offering ultrasounds, our staff can confirm pregnancy. Although the ultrasounds are not intended for diagnosing or detecting medical problems or conditions for the baby, they can bring peace of mind by answering questions the parents may have such as; Is there a  heartbeat? Where do I go from here?

The clinic will go beyond the physical well-being of every mother, father and child that comes through our doors. In addition to the care our guests receive, they will also have mentoring made available to them by volunteers who are trained specifically in this area. We understand that the decisions made within these walls will have lasting impacts. Before parents choose a plan for their pregnancy, it is vitally important to know and understand what options are available. Our trained mentors will listen to each person’s unique concerns and supply them with support and resources needed to make an informed decision.

Our pregnancy resource clinic will NOT be an abortion clinic nor will it make referrals for abortion. It will be a safe place that believes in truth, compassion and the importance of knowing all the facts before parents
make a decision. Regardless of the choices a woman makes or will make, they will be shown love and understanding. All services provided will be free and confidential. Even though unplanned pregnancies have their challenges, our goal is for every person who comes in to feel informed and encouraged.

The pregnancy resource clinic will be open 5 days a week holding regular hours but will also host a 24 hour helpline. The clinic has plans to open in 2020.