Faith Adoption Ministry, Part 3,  Birthparents

Faith Adoption Ministry, Part 3, Birthparents

For birthparents that find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy, Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services (BCHFS) provides support as they make important decisions for their child.  BCHFS is not here to persuade a decision from the birthparents either way.  Sometimes after carefully considering all the options, birthparents decide to enter into a plan to adopt.

The trained staff of the Faith Adoption Ministry help develop the adoption plan, which includes helping the birthparents to make important decisions.  Adoptions can be open or closed, the birthparents may choose how much openness and contact they want with the adoptive family.  The birthparents may choose the family their child will be placed with, we have many wonderful Christian parents anxiously awaiting to love and care for a child.

As a licensed adoption agency, BCHFS oversees adoptions from birthmothers served through Angels’ Cove.  We facilitate the entire process while providing loving support to both birthparents and adoptive parents.  Even though we provide housing for birthmothers through our cottage at Angels’ Cove, we can work with birthmothers while they reside in their own home and or community. We will travel to assist birthmothers during the process of the adoption plan.

The decision to enter into a plan to adopt is not an easy one, but our counselors will assist birthmothers during the pregnancy and entire adoption process.